Community leaders


Community leaders are a important piece for our service

Community leaders bring people together. We work with local authorities and trusted community leaders in partnership to help deliver our group buying programs. Community leaders are individuals or organizations that are willing to work with us to get best deals for their community.

We believe we can achieve great change in our communities by working closely with community leaders. We are trusted and experienced experts in group-buying and investment programs. We are currently recruiting leaders who will work with us to find the best deals that can save their community money, and contributing to its growth.


What does a community leader do?

  • Community leaders create and maintains a WhatsApp group, with members from their local regions.
  • They then post a weekly or daily schedule of products or services to their WhatsApp group.
  • These posting are links where residents and group members can click through to place their orders on the product and services they are particularly interested in.
  • Once the collative orders are delivered in bulk to the collection point, the community leader will unpack and organize delivered collative goods into individual resident orders for group members to pick-up.
  • If the is any issue the community leader is the first point of contact for the residents and they will escalate the problem to the themselves and then also handle the resolution on the behalf of their group members.

Calling upon all community leaders and local authorities to participate in our group buying program coming across South Africa.

Benefits for community leaders

For all their work a community leader will typically get a 10% commission from the orders, so more orders means more profit for community leaders. Many people say they enjoy and gain a lot from being community, including meeting new people, making friends, getting more confidence, developing new skills and gaining experience that can be used to get a new job.

Community Leaders

Who qualifies to be community leaders?

Self designated community leader must create and maintain a WhatsApp group and must meet at least one of these requirements:

  • Must be South African citizen older than 18 years
  • Registered organization (churches, Clubs, schools, etc.)
  • Registered Business
  • Local Authorities (Counsellors)

How to become a community leader?

Send us a message, make sure you check the community leader box on your message, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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