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The Benefits Of Group Buying

The Benefits of Group Buying Participation

In the ever-changing state of the economy, prices of products and services keep getting higher by the minute. You may get a big discount per item if you buy them in bulk though. But sometimes you only need so much of a product thus buying in bulk is not the ultimate answer. The solution is…to join a buying group – for those not aware of what they are, it is a group of people that makes a bulk order and thus they are to be distributed among the group. Joining such groups can really save an individual a lot of money especially with the big discounts that you will harness from them. If you still have no idea about this, visit to join other users who seek the same product or service, and team up with them to cut down costs.

The reason why buying groups can get you huge discounts is that this organization place a bulk order of one particular product/service to the wholesaler’s/manufacturers. A service/product’s normal production usually creates a targeted number of finished product per production. If buying groups place a bulk order, the manufacturer, in turn, would cut down on his production costs as well as for the manufacturing of the products.

Furthermore, buying groups are made to purchase a single product by bulk at a discounted price. Let’s say you need supplies for your business. The quantity you ordered will be the quantity that a manufacturer will make. These companies also have their own costs in producing a number of particular products. If the quantity you ordered will be less than what they can make per paid production, they would have a larger production cost for a smaller production. On the other hand, if you have a buying group that can share the cost of a bulk order, the cost on both parties will be lessened and that is the reason why they can afford to create big discounts.

You can go ahead and think of any product or services that you would like to have big discounts with provided the purchase is made with a buying group like So next time you plan to buy a handful of goodies or things that are badly needed, simply ask your friends if they are going to need some too. This way, you can place a bigger order and get huge discounts.

Buying groups are really helpful in both the customers and the merchants/manufacturers. It is definitely a win – win situation since both parties get what they need with a lesser cost for customers and lesser overhead for merchants/manufacturers.

Word of advice, if you really want to cut down on costs, find buying groups at in your communities and try to see if you have the same sentiment as everybody else.

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Group Buying: The Concept Of Price Cutting

Group buying

Group Buying of Price-Cutting Concept

The concept of group buying clubs is nothing new, this concept has been around for many years. The idea is to form a buyer’s club from shoppers looking to buy the same products or services and allow them to jointly purchase those specific products and services in bulk. Buyer’s Club members benefit by purchasing products and services at wholesale prices that are a lot cheaper than retailer’s prices, because of the group discount they received from the product or service wholesalers.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie J.T. Stepanek

This is why group buying clubs band like-minded shoppers together to lower down the cost of stuff they buy. They can even haggle for an even lower price to sellers since they are going to buy a lot of their products or services. Overall, the cost will be greatly reduced for any buyer willing to be part of a group buying club.

Wholesale vs Retail prices

Group buying platforms are more popular today because of the rising cost of living around the world. The concept of price-cutting involves the ganging up and placing of bulk orders to companies, in order to haggle for a lower price or to get a big group discount. Either way, group buying can really be considered a win-win situation.

If you need to buy some goods and want to cut down on your expenses, try group buying club– it can really save you a lot of money from big discounts. At the same time, you are assured of the quality of the products you buy.

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Group Buying Approach

Group Buying Approach

Group Buying Approach Explained

The group buying approach is basically a method for a group of people to get together and buy some sort of item or service in bulk. This big bulk buy means that discounts can be negotiated. If you think of a single person going into a restaurant for a meal, that person does not really have any bargaining power so they will struggle to get any special discounts under normal circumstances.

Compare this to a large group of people who want to make a booking for a birthday meal. This group of 30 or so are much more likely to negotiate a better deal as the restaurants could do with the huge potential income from such a large group. Not only does the restaurant get the opportunity to make a profit from the birthday meal, they get to win over 30 people and potentially gain some new regulars so it’s worth giving a discount in order to have this privilege.

With a group buying web site, separate people who wish to make a purchase are put in a massive group so that they can be entitled to a discount.

The way that most of the group buying web sites are run goes like this: They go to a potential company, like a restaurant for example, and discuss a discount that the restaurant could offer a group of a specific size. They also negotiate the cut of the price that they get to keep if they can deliver a group of the agreed size. Once this is all agreed, the site puts this deal out to the users, the buyers pay for the offer and once the agreed number is reached the deal ends. The site then pays the seller the cut of the cash that was decided and then the customers are free to use the offer from the seller.

The dealers earnings are diminished in two ways. The first is the discount given and the second is the cut that they have to pay the group buying site. This can be well worth it though as the company received a group of new buyers that they now have the chance to impress.

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