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Better together believes in the power of united consumers. Together we stand stronger to get a good deal. That's why we organize group-buying initiatives. Our initiatives provide great benefits for consumers. But also to suppliers and other stakeholders. A win-win situation!

Why do participants like our intiatives?

  • We are independent of suppliers - the suppliers that make you an offer have won the auction by placing the lowest bid.
  • auction model - the vavender auction model delivers registrants a competitive offer.
  • High-quality demands - every offer must exceed the high-quality demands we make.
  • No obligation - participation in a group-buying scheme is without obligation. Each participant decides after the auction if they want to take advantage of the offer. For us, it is critical that our participants can make a well-informed choice.
  • Here to help - from the beginning to the end, we are here to help our participants. We try to make the process as easy as possible and our helpdesk is always here to assist.

Our story

In 2019, started operations under a company called Bonolo Solution (Pty) Ltd to deliver group-buying initiatives to help bring users that were in need of service into contact with a supplier that could provide high-quality products and services. We plan to start group-buying initiatives for solar panels and from then we will replicate our model to deliver initiatives for a range of products across South Africa.



Participating in group buying programs has save me and my family alot of money and worries.

Tumelo Mashego


Kenneth Raserope


Working with us likes to build long-lasting, professional, and honest relationships with all stakeholders. We often work with organizations representing the interests of consumers, typically local authorities, which we refer to as our ‘community leaders’.

How does it work?
Heading layer

2. Browse through
deals of our pre-vetted

1. Register an account

How does it work?

3. Participants must remember that every deal has an expiring date and a maximum number of sale that must be reached before the expiring date.

4. Participant must accept and order by adding it into their shopping basket and checking it out.

2. will collect funds from participants and deliver it to the supplier so they can deliver the purchase goods and services to the relevant participant.



Qualification of suppliers examines the experience, stability, and capacity of every supplier that wants to participate in our group buying deal. If we deem a supplier suitable we qualify them to offer deals to our users.

Quality and security sets standards on the quality of products and the purchasing conditions for every deal. This way, every participant has ensured a good offer. is always ready to help participants if they have questions or if something doesn’t go as planned.